Visual Effects and Computer Graphics

Miguel Garção

Visual effects and film

about Miguel

Miguel Garção is a creative, resourceful and technically proficient computer graphics craftsman. An all-around visual effects professional with over 20 years of experience, he has lent creative and technical expertise to a wide range of productions — from television commercials and video game cinematics to popular TV series and big-budget movies.

A while ago, Miguel founded a boutique visual effects studio in Lisbon, but he's been freelancing overseas in more recent years. During this time, he has taken senior roles at some of the leading visual effects companies in the world such as Industrial Light & Magic, MPC, DNEG, Digital Domain, Framestore, Blur Studios and many more.

Combining art and technology, he has worked in a number of capacities from CG Generalist and Lighting Technical Director to Lead Artist and CG Supervisor. An expert people manager and a natural team player, Miguel has strong technical skills, having designed new workflows and developed software tools and scripts to overcome show specific challenges.

A native 'alfacinha', Miguel holds a graduate academic degree in electrical and computer engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico. He enjoys his time away from work with his family back in his beloved Lisbon. He is passionate about film and cinematography, loves to travel and enjoys a good glass of wine. Also fails miserably at being a chef.